At CoreTech Innovations we believe that the number one benefit of technology is that it empowers people to reach their goals, individuals to be creative and companies to be productive.

For the people of CoreTech Innovations, technology is just a tool. For all the technologies we use, develop or deploy in our company, our ambition is to help achieve a higher level of efficiency. This means that wherever possible we apply the necessary research towards automation to increase efficiency.

We are aware that everyday people experience information overload originating from emails, instant messaging, social media and other sources. At CoreTech Innovations we have the necessary expertise to deal with tough business problems related to sentiment analysis and opinion mining and successfully apply this to your business.

We have extensive experience in enterprise applications integration and the-so-called Social Semantic Web. For our customers we conduct research in the forefront of computer science and information technologies related to, amongst others Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Blockchain. This all leads to the development of state-of-the-art urban life tracking and mobility apps, human-robot applications to reduce social exclusion and novel types of services suitable for the Web-of-Anything.